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What are Management Consulting Services.

Our management consulting definition is simply the practice of helping businesses improve performance. So, what does a management consultant do?
momentum ’s consultants offer many Management Consulting services, including:

  • Strategic Planning: Strategic Planning is the discipline committed to developing a roadmap to guide an organization’s strategic initiatives. It often focuses on business needs and the ability of IT solutions to meet those needs. Strategic Planning ultimately results in processes that directly improve operational efficiencies, market responsiveness, and customer value.
  • Succession Planning: In organizational development, succession planning is an ongoing and future-focused process used to map out a specific strategy to achieve the organization’s mission, initiatives and goals through its workforce. The progression involves assessing future personnel needs, identifying required competencies, and assessing, developing and retaining a team of talented employees to ensure continuity of leadership in mission-critical positions.
  • Organizational Development: Organizational Development is the process of taking steps to develop internal resources (employees, staff) and internal methodologies (strategies, business processes) to support an organization’s mission and goals.
  • Facilitation: Facilitation, in business, organizational development, and consensus decision-making, refers to the process of designing and running a successful meeting. Facilitation serves the needs of any group that is meeting with a common purpose, such as making a decision, solving a problem, or simply exchanging ideas and information.
  • Organizational Change Management: In order to compete, organizations must embrace changes. Organizational Change Management (OCM) focuses on the “people side” of change. Ineffectively managing this process often leads to poor adoption, inefficiency and, ultimately, project failure.
These services help your business to identify and execute on areas of improvement developing the right solutions to fit your resources and capabilities. Our solutions empower your resources to deliver value aligned to your organizational goals and objectives.





Momentum is a consulting firm in Central PA that helps organizations in PA and in surrounding states by improving the way they conduct business, creating solutions that incorporate every level of the business’ structure. With our methodology, businesses can benefit from:

  • Expert Advice: Momentum’s team of management consulting professionals has years of experience in business consulting and extensive knowledge in best industry practices. Instead of trying to implement changes and learn complex methods yourself, you can rely on a trusted expert to help you reach the best outcome.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Not only can a third-party expert bring a new set of eyes to your operation and identify problematic practices, but Momentum’s team is also well versed in analytical processes for businesses. Eliminate wasteful processes with tools like ROI analysis and never go into a new process blind again.
  • Improved Satisfaction: Poorly conceived or improperly implemented changes can affect work performance, while lack of company direction can bring a sense of turmoil to your operations. By implementing effective and objectively beneficial changes in your business and improving organizational structure and direction, a sense of stability and continuity is introduced, maximizing employee satisfaction.
On top of these benefits, Momentum offers high-quality resources and best-practice solutions through a personalized, hands-on approach, meaning you’ll never get a one-size-fits-all solution. Our approach integrates real-world experience with local resources to bring you the best results possible and help you reach your business goals, both in the long and short term.




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